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My commitment to our community and resolve to innovate inform my desire to uncover new and creative ways for us to thrive in Highland Park.
I bring a breadth of experience, depth of skill set and unabashed enthusiasm for this work, as I ask for your  vote for Park District Commissioner on April 6th.

Jen Freeman

Candidate for Park District Commissioner

I understand how a thriving Park District is critical for Highland Park families. From the fields at West Ridge to the ice at Centennial, I am out there with you.


The Freemans are Rec Center and Hidden Creek members. We have climbed the rocket ship and jammed in the jungle. The kids are loyal campers. We play park district sports, enjoy golf at Sunset and never miss an opportunity to explore our incredible parks and beaches.


As a Parks Foundation board member, working closely with Park District administration, I quickly realized that a widely-shared confidence in District programming and facilities is essential to inspire the participation required to deliver quality programming and high-value memberships that residents can afford. I helped raise awareness for the S.M.I.L.E. program and fund scholarships for those who are financially unable to participate in Park District programming.

As an attorney and business developer for a Chicago tech company, I appreciate the effort and planning it takes to balance a budget and achieve balance as a working parent. I bring my dedication to Highland Park, knowledge of and love for the Park District and prior local board experience to my enthusiastic pursuit of this Park Board seat.

Why Jen?

As Park District Commissioner I Will:

Ensure the Park District offers competitive and diverse programming compared with other districts.


Become the only woman and only parent of school-aged children on the Board – critical representation for our community.


Champion the best use of public lands and facilities and explore partnerships resource-sharing between the Park District, City and School Districts – vetting all opportunities for fiscal responsibility and environmental sustainability.


Guide an iterative process for ongoing long-range planning while updating and maintaining existing beaches, parks and facilities for the benefit all Highland Park residents.


Create greater visibility for and enhance District scholarship programs and find new ways to drive equity in programming.




We moved to Highland Park from Chicago in 2010. With a toddler and a baby on the way, we chose Highland Park to build our life because it had everything we could ever want or need - endless parks, accessible beaches, summer camps, sports, classes for kids, Ravinia, Botanic Garden, two bustling downtowns, walkable train stations, excellent schools, great restaurants and plenty of mom and pop shops mixed in with my favorite chains. 

I remain as enamored with HP as the day we signed that first deed - perhaps more. Even when my curiosity takes me beneath the shine - even as some of the store fronts have gone vacant - even after the beach sand recedes and the barge sits - even when work on the task forces, committees and PTOs takes me into the wee hours - even after enduring endless debates over hotly-contested community issues - and even after living through a 15-month (and counting) pandemic home renovation with all five Freemans zooming away  for work or school - many times in one room.

My experiences and unshakable resolve inform my desire to uncover new and creative ways for us to thrive and leave my Highland Park a better place than I found it over a decade ago.  I bring my enthusiasm and idealism, tempered by experience, as I ask  for your  vote for Park District Commissioner on April 6th.

As a Park District board member, I will listen attentively. I will parse the data and come prepared for meetings. I will debate energetically, vote thoughtfully and  work to make Highland Park a better place than I found it.

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